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We Thank You for your interest in DeNovo Legal! Please call us at (866) 338-7511, between the hours of 9am-5pm M-F... or send us message using the form below, and someone from the DeNovo Team will be in touch shortly!
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What Our Members Say...

Got a ticket while driving through Hutto on a road trip. Hutto is nowhere near where I live, so I figured I'd let my Lawsurance guys handle this. They got an attorney to help me who knocked out the ticket in just a few days. My deal was great and I didn't have to waste time dealing with a ticket in another city. Love my Lawsurance!
E.M. Austin, TX
I didn't believe this would work the first time I used it. My ticket was for speeding (46 in a 35). I have a pretty good driving record, but I was getting nowhere negotiating my ticket on my own. When my Lawsurance attorney was done, I got one month of probation, no defensive driving, and my ticket got dismissed. Amazing and absolutely worth every penny.
R.K. Cedar Park, TX
I was just driving my kids home from school. While going under a bridge, I got pulled over for speeding. I called the company, selected a local attorney, and he got right to work. This was my second ticket in as many years, and my attorney still got me an amazing deal that included no defensive driving and way less probation than I was expecting. I did not waste one minute at the courthouse and my insurance premium stayed right where it was. Where has this been all my life?
C.D. Austin, TX

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DeNovo Legal Solutions, LLC | 1101 Navasota Street | Suite 1 | Austin, TX 78702
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