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DeNovo Business Access Line™

The “big” impersonal companies treat you as another number in their database, we treat you like a person. We are a local Texas company, and no one offers more personalized and friendly customer service than DeNovo Legal Solutions. Unlike other registered agent companies, we don’t charge $300 or more per year. We have unbeatable prices with unbeatable service.


  • Business Access Law Line™ – Got a question? We’ve got answers! The FIRST Business-law hotline in Texas.
  • Have a question about your business that only an attorney can answer? Until now, your options were to pay an attorney $350+/hr for an answer or make a guess and hope for the best.
  • Its a fact that every business in Texas must have a Registered Agent. The typical cost for a Registered Agent is $100-$350 per year. Stop wasting money on an overpriced mailbox and expensive attorney time with general questions. We have combined these two invaluable services into one. For $49/mo you can have a premier registered agent and an attorney on-call to answer your questions!
  • If we uncover that you genuinely need to speak with an attorney about representation, we will let you know and help refer you if you desire a referral.

Also Included:

  • Premier Texas Registered Agent Service:
  • Junk Mail Disposal
  • Comptroller and Secretary of State Filing Services Available
  • Digital Document Delivery and Storage
  • Franchise Tax Reminders
  • Membership Card with Helpful Numbers


Need Help? Call Us! (866) 338 7511!

Available 9:00am - 5:00pm M-F

DeNovo Legal Solutions, LLC | 1101 Navasota Street | Suite 1 | Austin, TX 78702
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